Jak dosáhnout emoční svobody? _ How to attain emotional freedom? (Blog)


What does emotional freedom mean and how to attain it? What do you do when there is pain in your body? Do you take pills immediately? Sign up for a physiotherapy session? Have you ever tried an alternative approach to pain elimination?

According to the article on psychosomatic medicine at sciencedirect.com, destructive emotions and limiting thought patterns are the major cause of pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is truly essential to be in harmony on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. No blocks. No suppressed feelings. A clear and peaceful mind is what we need to excel at toastmasters. 

And now I am going to make you familiar with three easy, self-help methods based on the eastern approach to health. They can help you attain emotional freedom as well as other benefits. They are all related to the energy pathways in the body called the meridians or nadis. Have you ever heard of them?


According to yogapaedia.com, the energy channels are referred to as nadis in yoga. There are hundreds of nadis. To mention just a few, there is the sushumna which runs down the central axis of the body, through the spinal cord. The sushumna nadi is the most important nadi of the astral (emotional) body. When prana flows freely through the sushumna, the yogi can attain a still mind.

On the sides of the spine, you can also find the Ida nadi, located to the left of the spine which carries feminine lunar energy. The Pingala nadi is located to the right of the spine and carries masculine solar energy. As you can see, just by doing a simple Sun Salutation at the beginning of each day, you can not only strengthen your physical body. You will harmonise your masculine and feminine energies, plus clear yourself mentally and emotionally. Isn't that wonderful? J


There are many pranayamas or deep breathing techniques in yoga as well as other systems. Many of you might have heard of holotropic breathwork which is similar to what I am going to explain, but a little extreme, in my opinion. My favourite breathing technique is called the nadi shodhana pranayama. You can find the exact step-by-step procedure at joga.cz.

What I find fascinating about this technique is that it connects deep breathing with touching specific acupressure points. Basically, you start inhaling through your left nostril and move on to exhale through the right one, and then vice versa. You breathe in through your left nostril and breathe out through the left one. While doing so, you support yourself by pressing the nostril which you are currently not using, leaving the other one open. In order to calm down when you are stressed, like before a speech, you might wish to do this for at least five minutes. This is not a good idea, however, to try it at the toilets here. But hiding at the staircase might do the trick.

While breathing in the nadi shodhana pranayama, you count to six or eight at each inhale and exhale. This helps you focus, because you cannot count and worry about something else at the same time. In addition, you do not only slow down your breathing, but your brainwaves too. You might have heard staying in the meditative alpha state is very healthy and good for learning.

Now back to the acupressure points. Usually, you support the middle of your right hand between your eyebrows. The acupuncturist and massage therapist from Ostrava Poruba, whom I interviewed about this topic many years ago, Ms. Věra Kovářová, explained that the point between your eyebrows brings the overall relaxation of the body. When a client is nervous and afraid of needles, the acupuncturist will insert one needle exactly at this point to relax the client. And in the breathing technique I am describing, you keep pressing this point of total relaxation all the time.

The next important points you press are on the sides of the nostrils. You touch them with your thumb and the ring finger. The nostrils are related to the energy pathway of the stomach, and - as you may have already understood from sayings such as I have butterflies in my stomach, or my stomach feels tight - stomach is associated with fear. So, the very act of pressing your nostrils relaxes you!

Moreover, each time you have something in a couple, like the lungs, the kidneys, the eyes or the ears, these things tend to be connected with the masculine and feminine energies. Thus, when you alternate pressing your left and right nostrils, you are harmonising your male and female side. Should you try this out, please tell me then how things have improved in your relationships.


Finally, I would like to mention the tapping method, originally referred to as the emotional freedom technique, EFT. My favourite website which I recommend you is tapping.com.

Again, tapping is based on energy pathways, but only a few points have been selected for this method, which are easily accessible for everyone. You start with the karate chop point at the side of your hand. Then you move to your face - the eyebrow, the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the lips. Afterwards, you tap on an important lymph node below the collar bone. Then there is the lymph node under your arm at the breast line. Each round finishes on top of your head.

And why should you tap on these points? Because, in my opinion, the moment you pay a loving attention to your body, your body starts to relax and heal. When you add gentle tapping to this loving attention, it has been proven scientifically, according to, for example, EFTuniverse.com that the body immediately starts producing relaxing hormones and eliminates cortisol, the stress hormone, from your blood. So doing a round of tapping may calm you down within a few minutes like the breathing technique mentioned before. I guess any toastmaster might appreciate that.

There are many enhancements to tapping or EFT, such as the combination with emotional hygiene or mental reprogramming. It is used to treat phobias of all sorts with huge success, as well as for weight loss and others. But still, the peace of mind, relaxation and the elimination of pain are the benefits I would like to emphasise today.

To sum up, it is highly recommended not to disregard the energy pathways that run all over your body similar to your blood stream, nerves or lymph. You do not need to visit specialists to get rid of pain and stress. There are many easy-to-use self-help methods available to you at no cost, such as tapping, pranayama breathing or yoga. I hope these tools will help you live happily and pain free.

© Soňa Siepaková